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This is the initial parameter for Selendra. Though, the values can be updated via on-chain governance in the future.


  • Block: 6 seconds *(generally one block per slot, although see note below)
  • Epoch: 4 hours (2_400 slots x 6 seconds)
  • Session: 4 hours (Session and Epoch lengths are the same)
  • Era: 24 hours (6 sessions per Era, 2_400 slots x 6 epochs x 6 seconds)
Block6 seconds1
Epoch4 hours2_400
Session4 hours2_400
Era24 hours14_40

Accounts and Identity

  • The existential deposit is 1.00001 SEL
  • The deposit required to set an on-chain identity is 31.00001 SEL

Staking, Validating, and Nominating

Maximum number of Validators that can be nominated by a nominator - 16

Term duration1 Day14_400The time for which a validator is in the set after being elected. Note, this duration can be shortened in the case that a validator misbehaves.
Nomination period1 Day14_400How often a new validator set is elected according to Phragmén's method.
Bonding duration28 days403_200How long until your funds will be transferrable after unbonding. Note that the bonding duration is defined in eras, not directly by slots.
Slash defer duration28 days403_200Prevents overslashing and validators "escaping" and getting their nominators slashed with no repercussions to themselves. Note that the bonding duration is defined in eras, not directly by slots.


Periods between spends24 days345_600When the treasury can spend again after spending previously.


SEL have 18 decimals of precision. In other words, 10 ** 18 (1_000_000_000_000_000_000 or one thausand billion) Plancks make up a SEL.